About The Headdress Workshop

Hi There! 

We are Judi Henderson and Kyana Holzman and dynamic duo behind  The Headdress Workshop. 

Hundreds of people - of all ages - have taken our class at Mannequin Madness or the mobile version we hosted at museums, libraries, county fairs and corporate events. 

Whether you are an experienced crafter or never touched a glue gun before, we make it possible for you to design an amazing headdress.

Our Instructor  

Kyana is the primary instructor at The Headdress Workshop and the lead designer at Mannequin Madness.
She studied art therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is trained in both the healing power of art as well as the techniques involved in the process of creating art. 

Kyana began crafting at a young age and is an accomplished mixed media artist who specializes using recycled materials.

She is passionate about repurposing discarded objects and transforming them into unique and visually stunning works of art.

One of her recycled art projects was purchased  by actress Rita Moreno.

Our Story 

Judi is the owner of Mannequin Madness, a company that recycles mannequins for retail stores when they close/remodel.

In 2018 Macy's asked Judi if she would recycle mannequins and large quantity of faux flowers they used attheir recent flower show.

The flowers were so gorgeous and expensive Judi could not say no -even though she had no idea at the time what should would do with them.

A few weeks later Judi recycled a large quantity of mannequin heads from a cosmetology school. One of her employees had the idea to glue the flowers from Macy's on the heads.



The flower covered mannequin heads looked so pretty Judi decided to display them around the Mannequin Madness warehouse as a spring themed decorating idea.

Customers who came to the warehouse to buy a mannequin found the mannequin heads with the elaborate flower crowns very attractive and eye-catching.

They inquired about purchasing the headdresses so they could wear them. But the flowers were permantely glued to heads!

This inspired Judi to create The Headdress Workshop to give people the opportunity to design their own headddress. The recycled mannequin heads would be their canvas.

The class would follow the format of  "paint and sip" classes, but instead of using a paint brush to create art for the wall, people use a glue gun to make art for their head.

While other places that offer flower crown classes using fresh flowers, The Headdress workshop would offer only faux flowers and sustainable materials so that the headress would last a long time. 

Happy Clients of Ours