About The Headdress Workshop

The Headdress Workshop is the only place in the Bay Area offering flower crown and fantasy headdress classes & parties. 

We are not a florist but a design studio and we offer faux flowers verus fresh because of their durability. 

The Headdress Workshop class is our version of the popular "paint and sip” classes. But instead of making art for your wall, you make art to wear on your head.

The Headdress Workshop is a division of Manneqin Madness, a largest mannequin recycling company in the US.

Mannequin Madness has been in business since 2001 and is committed to sustainabiity, creativity and inclusivity.

Inclusive Activity

A headdress is a gender gender neutral fashion accessory.  All ages, body shapes, hair textures/hair styles look good in headdress.

And although this is a group activity, it is highly individualized as each person gets to choose their materials and style of headdress that speaks to their personality. 

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to make a headdress, so there is no competition and people have the freedom to explore. 

The only crafting experience needed is the ability to use a glue gun which makes this activity accessible to almost everyone.

Sustainable Crafting Materials

We have a fabulous selection of realistic looking faux flowers and foliage for you to design your headdress.

Plus we have embellishments like rhinestones, silk butterflies, beads, shells, feathers and more. 

Since you are using materials that a durable and long lasting, you will be able wear your headdress for years to come. 

Many of our crafting materials are from the prop department of retail stores and other reuse sources.


Venue Options   

Our Venue

Classes are held in the showroom of Mannequin Madness. A venue so unique it was featured in the travel book, "Secret California, a guide to the weird, wonderful and obscure."

The reason why there are mannequins in some of the background photos is because our main business is selling recycled mannequins. 

Our venue has these awesome amenities:

-Free Parking

-A private kitchen for pot lucks or a catered event.

-A Photo studio with unique props for Instaworthy photos of you wearing your headdress design.

-Sound system

Mobile Version

We have a mobile version of our headdess class that we can bring to your venue.

The venue must be indoors  to protect our materials.

Each participant will need to use a glue gun so we need access to electricity at their workstation.

In addition to the workstations for the participants, we need a minimum of two six foot long tables to display the materials.

Or mobile version is for a minimum of 10 people and a maximium of 200. Large groups are accomodated in staggered shifts.

Happy Clients of Ours