Art Themed Community Engagement Event

Looking for a unique interactive activity for your next community engagement event?

Consider offering your attendees a crafting activity of making wearable art - a headpeice.

Engaging in crafting activities is a relaxing and calming activity.  So it is a means for you to provide a self care activity that is also fun and family friendly.

And if you have a photo booth at your event, the images of the attendees wearing their headpeices will be an eye-catching branding opportunity for your company on social media. 



Our Venue

We can host 20 people in our venue which has:
-Free Parking-Private kitchen if you want to have this catered

-Photo studio for individual and group photos of people wearing their headdress-Sound system

-Video Monitor in case you want to have a slide show

Your Venue

We have mobile version of our headdress class which can accommodate groups as small as 10 and as large as 150.

The venue must be indoors and in a public space such as business, community center, or school. Private homes don't have the space for us to spread out or access to electricity we require.


Participants will leave your event wearing a tangible product they made themselves.

The headpeice will have a keepsake for them remember your event for years to come, because the headdress are made with faux, not fresh flowers. 

This is an inclusive activity as all ages, genders, body shapes and hair textures look good wearing a headdress. 

Each person gets to make their own design, so that makes this a group activity that is also highly individualized.

We are the ONLY company in the Bay Area offering flower crown headpieces using eco-friendly materials, many of which are sourced from reuse facilities. 

Inclusive Activity

-This activity can be tailored by us to include a diversity training component. There is an opportunity to learn about the attitude team members have about doing something new, the style of headdress they make, and the colors and textures they choose to make the headdress.

-A headdress is a fashion accessory that is inclusive - all ages, genders, body sizes and hair textures can wear one.

-This is a group activity, yet highly individualized as each person gets to design the style of their choice.

-Making a headdress is non competitive activity and minimal skills are needed, just the ability to hold a glue gun.


Here are a few clients who have hired us for their community engagement events.

The San Mateo Library

The San Mateo County Fair

The Exploratorium (The Art of Tinkering)

Walmart (The Black Joy Parade) 

Comcast (The Black Joy Parade)

Aibnb (BayView Festival)

REI- New Product Activation Launch

Interested in Booking? 

Give us a few details so we can prepare a quote for you.


Mable Huang
Global Affairs & Strategic Partnerships Program Manager.

"Airbnb was delighted that The Headdress Workshop brought their talents to the Bayview LIVE festival. They hosted an engaging arts and craft experience, encouraging guests to unleash their creative spirits and make fabulous floral headdresses at the Airbnb booth. Our staff and guests had such a great time crafting beautiful artwork that could be worn in many occasions.We look forward to working with them again in the future."