Meet The Team

Our Employees 

Judi Henderson Founder of Mannequin Madness

Judi Henderson


The Queen of Mannequins. Yes that is MY Girl Scout uniform. One of my merit badges is a dress form, so I find ironic that I make my living selling dress forms.

Kyana Holzman on the Mannequin Madness Team

Kyana Holzman

Lead Designer/Project Coordinator

The Queen of crafty projects with mannequins. Super resourceful, detailed oriented and has excellent rapport with our customers.

Eric Brown on the Mannequin Madness Team

Eric Brown


The King of the warehouse. The warehouse would truly be a "madhouse" without his guidance and strategic planning skills.

Our Consultants

Jacqui Thornell on the Mannequin Madness Team

Jacqui Thornell

Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

There isn't enough space to write all of her skills and the many projects she handles. Our first employee (2014) but became virtual when she moved to Florida in 2020.

Angela Nicole Cruz

Stealth Agents 

Angela is a virtual assistant I hired from Stealth Agents. They are based in the Philippines and I highly recommend them. Once I was assigned to Angela our social media following has increased and her digital native skills is a welcome addition to our team, most of which are over 40 

Bhupal Medishetty on the Mannequin Madness Team

Bhupal Medishetty

Technology Consultant

A Shopify and Wordpress wizard, he handles all the backend logistics of our Shopify store and blog and a host of other technology related issues.

Daniel Meek on the Mannequin Madness Team

Daniel Meek

Digital Strategist Consultant

Whether it is giving our website a new look or reviewing our website analytics, he makes sure we get the maximum impact from our online store.

Cindi Black


Cindi is the owner of SimplyCentsllc and is an expert at bookkeeping for e-commerce businesses

Darren Armour

Owner of the Packaging Store

When we have a truckload mannequins to be picked up at a retail store, Darren's company delivers them to us safe and sound.

Darlene Barrientos Crane

Business Consultant

It is rarity to find a business consultant who has both the right brain (financial, strategy) and left brain (marketing, vision) expertise. Darlene is THAT person. We are posed to achieve a whole new level of growth and impact now that she is on our team.

Kathleen Murphy on the Mannequin Madness Team

Kathleen Murphy

Communications/Business Development Consultant

Our sales increased when Kathleen joined our team to provide business strategy advice and increase our visibility in the media and on Linkedin.



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