A crafting party is a fun pre-wedding activity to bond with your bride squad or your future in-laws because-- 

-A crafting party makes socializing easier. Instead of awkward small talk you have a creative focus to generate conversation.

-Crafting has a relaxing and calming effect. Consider this a self care moment to take a break from wedding stress.

-Crafting parties are intimate, imaginative and interactive, and at The Headdress Workshop, we make planning hassle free.  


A headdress made of flowers and foliage is a universal symbol of love, fertility and celebration. That our headdress workshop this the perfect crafting activity for a bride-to-be.

Your guests get to make an instaworthy fashion accessory that they can wear at the wedding or a night out on the town with you.

Your flower girl, your Nana, and your co-worker can equally enjoy this activity because all ages, body sizes and hairstyles/hair textures look good in a headdress. 

You can suggest that everyone make a headdress in the same color palette. And then give them the artistic license to design a headdress style that fits their unique personality.


We offer realistic faux flowers instead of fresh flowers, so your headdress will be a lasting keepsake for you and your guests. (And it won't wilt or attract bugs if you wear it on your wedding day.)

Whether your style is traditional, boho chic, festival diva or mermaid, we have a wide range of embellishments to match your style.

You want a calla lily in December or a poinsettia in June? It doesn’t matter that your favorite flower is out of season. It is available year 'round when it is faux.

If you plan on wearing your headdress on your wedding day, you can make it several weeks ahead of time. This gives you plenty of time to choose the hairstyle and jewelry you want to complement your look.



-You get to select the day/time at our venue

-You can decorate our venue & photo studio with balloons, signage, or flowers

-Use of our private kitchen so you can bring/serve food & beverages

-4 hours in our venue (versus 2 hours in the budget package) This provides time to setup/breakdown and extra time to time to socialize, eat and open presents after the class and photo shoot

$65 per adult
$45 per child

Minimum of 6 people; maximum of 20 

 $150 venue fee


This is the package to book if you just want to make headdresses and then go someplace else to celebrate.

-You book a miminum of 6 seats of our regularly scheduled Sunday classes.

-You will have a private class and a photoshoot afterward. However there is no additional time for eating, dining, opening gifts or decorating the venue.

$60 per adult
$45 per child age 8-16 

Minimum of 6 people; maximum of 20. 


If you have a minimum of 10 people we can bring a mobile version of our headdress class to your venue.

The venue must be an indoor public space such as a community center, church, or school.

Most private homes don't have the required electricity capacity for all the glue guns or space to spread out crafting materials.

$75 per person + $100 travel fee if your venue is within 25 miles of Oakland, slightly more if it is farther. 

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