Welcome to the World of Mannequin Madness


Mannequin Madness is one of the few mannequin vendors that sells second hand mannequins in addition to brand new ones.

Ever since the company was launched in 2001, the owner, Judi Henderson, has been a tireless advocate for retailers to recycle instead of toss their unwanted mannequins.

Judi's nicknames are is "the queen of mannequins" or "mannequin lady" because has kept thousands of mannequins from ending up in landfills. 

The Environmental Protection Agency gave Judi a special achievement award for recycling over 100,000 pounds of mannequins in one year.

Mannequin Madness not only sells to retailers and museums but to private individuals who want a mannequin for an artistic purpose.

Makers and crafters from all over the US follow their Pinterest board for inspiration and post what they made on the Crafty Fun with Mannequins group on  Facebook.

The company also writes about manenquin trends, mannequin history and mannequins in pop culture on their blog.

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