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Shipping and Returns

How do you ship?

For most of our items we ship ground via UPS or FedEx. Some of our smaller items (mannequin hands for example) we ship USPS.

Posted shipping rates are for delivery to the 48 continental states only - additional charges apply for shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, or US Territories/Possessions.


How quickly can I get my order?

We ship 2 business days after you place your order (unless the product is a special order which will be indicated in the description). You will receive the tracking number so you can monitor the delivery time.

Delivery time varies depending upon which product you order and where you are located. Our used items ship from our Oakland, Ca warehouse but our new items ship from our multiple distribution centers across the country.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

Most of the time we cannot offer expedited shipping. Plus shipping of large items like mannequins is insanely expensive to ship overnight or three day air.

Same day and next day processing of orders is available on case by case basis with $50 rush fee.


Where is my tracking number?

Your tracking number will be emailed to you once the product ships. Occasionally we get short staffed and your item will ship out before we get a chance to update your account which generates the email with the tracking number.

If you haven’t received your tracking number, send us an email with your order number. If you don’t have that info handy send us the name of the company or person who placed the order so we can look your order up.


Do you ship outside the US?

The only country outside the US we ship to is Canada. If you are based in Canada, send us an email with the items you want and your address and we will get a shipping quote for you and send you an invoice.

Note: Our mannequins ship from various locations across the country, depending upon where the supplier is located. So if order multiple items and they don’t arrive on the same day, don’t panic.


Mannequins are not that heavy, why is shipping so expensive?

The reason shipping is so expensive is that the boxes are bulky - they almost hit the maximum allowed shipping size for regular parcel delivery. As a result, the shipping carriers (FEDEX and UPS) charge us based on the size of the box or the weight, whichever results in the higher shipping charge.

The most expensive shipping rate is delivery to your residence. If you are looking to reduce costs, we need a commercial address for a (slightly) lower rate.


I want to buy 2 or more mannequins, can I get a shipping discount?

Generally "no". Adult mannequins are already at the edge of the maximum shipping size allowed for regular parcel delivery. Therefore, we cannot combine two mannequins to save shipping - in fact, doing this actually moves the cost into a higher priced shipping category.

However if you buy 5 or more, we can ship on a pallette and that is where a shipping discount is possible.


My mannequin arrived damaged, what now?

Send us an email with your order number, a brief description of the damage and photos so we can see the damage.and your order number. If the box was damaged, send us a photo of that too, because we will need it to file a claim with shipping company.

Most of the time we will send you a replacement item. Other times we will offer you a partial refund instead.


I changed my mind, I no longer want this mannequin, now what?

All refunds/exchanges must be requested within 15 days of receipt of your items and are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee. Returns outside of these timeframes may be accepted at the discretion of Mannequin Madness.

Our pre-owned and mannequin boneyard items are not refundable but can be returned for a store credit.

To return an item send an email to: with your order number and the reason why you want to send the item back. We will then send you an email with the RMA number and the return address. You are responsible for the return shipping costs.

Before you buy...

How much does a mannequin cost?

Mannequins are similar to cars. For example both a Mercedes and a Hyundai function the same, but the quality, features, durability and experience you get handling them will vary greatly. The same is true for mannequins.

And with cars the price changes depending upon which version you get - SUV, sports, sedan. The same is true with mannequins you can get a full size version - with or without a head or you can get a torso with or without legs or dress form. Each one has a different price.

With that in mind, mannequins can range in price from $100 - $1,000. And often you can pay more for USED mannequin if it is made by a brand name company like Pucci, Rootstein or Schlappi, than the cost of a new no name brand from China.

We wrote this blog post to provide you with detailed information about buying mannequins so you can find the right one for you.


What is a dress form?

A dress form, or 'body form', is a human body-like model covered with foam and fabric. They are used by stores for displaying clothes in a store, for product photography, and by tailors for creating clothes.


I need a dress form for sewing, how do I select the right one?

We wrote this detailed blog post explaining the how to select the right dress form for your needs and budget.


Are all the mannequins available for immediate shipment?

Unless otherwise noted, everything is available for immediate shipment. We have a few items (some yoga mannequins, the big and tall mannequins and the deluxe bendable mannequin for example) which are special order and require production lead time. But if an item requires lead time, it is noted in the product description.

Sometimes we do have a case where an item is on backorder. We usually have this info on our website BEFORE you place your order. But sometimes we don’t find out from our supplier that an item is on backorder until AFTER you place your order.

Once you place your order, if we have a backorder situation we will let you know within 2 business days of placing your order.


I want to buy in bulk, do you offer that?

Yes we offer bulk shipments. Bulk orders to us is 15 or more items. Send us an email with the items you want, the quantity and the shipping address. We will confirm that we have the inventory available and get you a shipping quote.


What size clothing does a mannequin wear?

We always recommend that you purchase the mannequin BEFORE buying the clothes. Clothing manufacturers don't adhere to standard sizing so it is hard to say exactly what size a mannequin will wear. That is why we have the measurements listed on all of our mannequins.v In general the women are size 6 and the men are medium. Adult mannequins tend to be taller than most people realize.


Can I put shoes on a mannequin and what size do they wear?

Most of the new standing mannequins that we offer have BOTH a support rod that goes through the foot and one that goes through the calf. It is indicated in the description whether or not they have both. If they have the calf rod, then yes you can put shoes on it.

If the mannequin has a foot rod only then that means you will have to put a hole in one of the shoes.

Older vintage style mannequins have a rod that go in their butt.

The foot of a mannequin is much thicker than human feet to support the weight. Although most females wear a size 7 shoe and male a size 11, many find it easier to put a shoe on the mannequin if you go up a size. Others chop the toes off of the mannequins to make it easier to slip on the shoe.


I don’t see the mannequin I want on your website.

Our inventory changes all the time and sometimes we have inventory that we haven’t had a chance to post online. So send us an email with a photo or description of what you are looking for and we will get back to you.


I'm just getting started with an online store. Do you have a photographer that I can use?

If you are in the SF Bay Area, we have several photographers we can recommend. Many of them use our warehouse for the photoshoot so you can have access to all the mannequins we have in our warehouse. Makes the photoshoot go faster and also gives you lots of options.


Can I change the pose of the mannequin?

Most mannequins are made out of fiberglass so they are not posable into different positions. We do have a line of bendable mannequins which are made out of cloth and we have a few fiberglass mannequins with bendable joints, but they are pricey.

On many of the standard fiberglass mannequins, you can rotate the arms the shoulder area (unless they are magnetic arms) so raise the mannequin’s arms in the air.

But mannequins are not designed to have their limbs rotated thus the joints may break if you push it too far.


Can I put earrings on the mannequin?

Most of the adult female mannequins that have realistic faces have small holes in their ears.

Since they are not true ear lobes, meaning they have no hanging soft fleshy part where normal piercings go, you may need to bend the earring post for it to stay in. Since mannequins don't move, the earring simply has to hang in place.


How much weight can you put on a mannequin?

Retail mannequins aren't really designed to hold a lot of weight - other than clothing. But it can be done, we just can't guarantee it. A lot depends upon how the weight is distributed on the mannequin. We strongly recommend that you choose a pose where the legs are in a military style position

Here are some examples of the types of heavy things people have displayed on our mannequins to give you some idea. 

-firemen's uniforms (with some equipment)
-football uniforms (with pads and helmets) 
-Elaborate headdresses (think Mardi Gras)
-Suit of armor
-Astronaut uniform

I have my mannequin...

How do I keep it clean?

We recommend Mr Clean Magic Eraser pads for removing dirt and smudge marks from the mannequin. These pads truly are magical.


How do I protect it from damage?

A couple of recommendations: dressing/undressing the mannequin is where almost all the damage occurs. A sharp buckle, jewelry, snaps or zippers) can scratch the mannequin's skin in a flash.

Someone's dirty hands can leave smudges on the skin so wear rubber gloves. You can buy disposable latex gloves by the box cheaply.

We put protective padding on the floor while changing the mannequin’s clothing for a photoshoot. Speaking of which we strongly recommend a mannequin staging area separate from the photos are.

The next type of damage that will often occur in dressing mannequins is setting the mannequin on a hard surface where it is either dropped or banged resulting in a scratch, ding, or gouge in the mannequin’s skin.

How do I fix a broken mannequin?

We send our repairs to professional mannequin refurbishing companies you can find on the blog post we wrote here.

We highly recommend that use those companies if you have a mannequin that you feel is collector level or if your mannequin has extensive damage.