• Full Size Headless Pregnant Female Mannequin Quick View

    Full Size Headless Pregnant Female Mannequin

    $ 220.00

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    This full-size headless pregnant female mannequin with arms is ideal for displaying maternity apparel. She is made of fiberglass, is very durable and is easy to set up and dress.  She comes with a...
  • Maternity Form Maternity Form Quick View

    Maternity Form

    $ 40.00

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    This 8-month maternity shell is a perfectly simple addition to your regular mannequins for displaying maternity wear. Or, it can be used for designing maternity clothes. It is made of...
  • Maternity Mannequin #2 Quick View

    Maternity Mannequin #2

    $ 220.00

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    She is excited about her impending delivery. In the mean time, she loves to model maternity apparel. She never has a bad hair day which is not something many women...
  • Maternity Torso Quick View

    Maternity Torso

    $ 150.00

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    This tabletop torso is a perfect for displaying maternity wear. Measurements:  Height: 31.5"Bust: 38.25"Waist: 35"Hip: 40.25"Neck: 14" Shipping: $40.00
  • Sexy Pregnant Mannequin Sexy Pregnant Mannequin Quick View

    Sexy Pregnant Mannequin

    $ 200.00

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    Ever since Demi Moore posed on in the nude on cover of Vanity Fair when she was 6 months pregnant, women began believe that you can be sexy and pregnant.Seems...

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