Creative Workshop for Team Building and Parties

Boost Morale, Promote Wellness

At first glance a headdress may seem like a mindless arts and crafts activity. But look closer: 

. Making things by hand is form of self care. There is scientific proof of the therapeutic of making something by hand which described here on CNN.

 Separating teams from their normal work environment can help them view common work situations differently and more creatively.

. Unlike cooking/cocktail making team building activities, the participants will leave with a tangible reminder of this experience that will last long after the activity is over.

Inclusive Activity

-This activity can be tailored by us to include a diversity training component. There is an opportunity to learn about the attitude team members have about doing something new, the style of headdress they make, and the colors and textures they choose to make the headdress.

-A headdress is a fashion accessory that is inclusive - all ages, genders, body sizes and hair textures can wear one.

-This is a group activity, yet highly individualized as each person gets to design the style of their choice.

-Making a headdress is non competitive activity and minimal skills are needed, just the ability to hold a glue gun.

Customization Options

We can customize the choices of crafting materials to appeal to a specific demographic for your employee groups or to celebrate a cultural activity

-Dia de Los Muertos/Hispanic Heritage
-Afrocentric/Black History Month -Gay Pride/LGBTQ
-Lunar New Year/Asian Pacific Islander Month Earth Day
-Halloween, Christmas -Breast Cancer Awareness
What’s in a story, though? How does the story develop authenticity?

Venue Options

.We can host 20 people in our venue which has:
-Free Parking
-Private kitchen if you want to have this catered
-Photo studio for individual and group photos of people wearing their headdress
-Sound system
-Video Monitor in case you want to have a slide show

Your Location

We have mobile version of our headdress class which can accommodate groups as small as 10 and as large as 150.

The venue must be indoors and in a public space such as business , community center, or school. Private homes don’t have the space for us to spread out or access to electricity we require.

Ready to book team bonding

Contact if you are a small party ,we will figure something out.The Best onsite group classes have 10-40 participants. Our event space is flexible.with lots of options available,including clubhouse time,orchard views and pizza making.

Client Testimonial

Adriana Arvizo, External Communications Sr. Manager, Comcast California

"We hired Judi and her team to lead a headdress workshop for our Black Employee Network (BEN) Employee Resource Group in preparation for the 2023 Black Joy Parade.Our team had a blast nurturing their creativity and having fun, all while spending quality time with teammates.

Our teammates had a chance to wear their headdresses during the parade. Judi and her team were engaging and warm. They made us feel at home at their studio and were great hosts. They have a great variety of colors and materials to create a unique piece. I recommend hiring Judi for your next team-building exercise."

Happy Clients of Ours