We are the largest mannequin liquidator in the U.S. and the ONLY African American owned mannequin company in the world. We sell a wide variety of new and recycled mannequins from our e-commerce and brick-and-mortar store.

Our customers are retailers, museums, Etsy sellers, trade-show vendors, photographers, fashion designers, crafters, Burning Man attendees, Shibari aficionado's, Halloween set designers and more.

We've adapted mannequin-related crafts to expand our brand. Our online classes for Dress Form Christmas Trees attract customers worldwide and we offer Floral Crown Headdress classes (with free mannequin heads) in our warehouse.


Year Founded: 2001 (as side hustle in Judi's backyard) 
Headquarters : Oakland, CA aka Oaktown .
Employees : 4 employees, 4 contractors and hundreds of dummies.
# of Mannequins Recycled Annually: 900,000 .
Partial Client List: Nike, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Prada, Macy's, Nordstrom, Giorgio Armani, Stitchfix, ThredUP .

"Mannequins are made of materials that do not biodegrade so they should not be put in landfills. My business is part of the circular economy helping to reduce the environmental footprint of the retail industry.

Since Brown and Black communities are most directly impacted by pollution from landfills, I am committed to contributing to environmental justice. "

                       --Judi Henderson Townsend


University of Southern California Alum
The Black Iris Apfel
Bootstrapped Entrepreneur
Senior Entrepreneur
Turned a side hustle into a $1M business
Corporate refugee
Environmental Justice Entrepreneur
Award-winning Business Owner For Company Timeline, click here.


510-444-0650        Sales@MannequinMadness.com

1031  Cotton St. Oakland,  Ca  94606

Open Sunday  1pm-5pm  Tuesday & Thursday  10:30am-4pm


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