For a fun and relaxing time where everyone gets to leave with a hand made wearable art piece, come to the Headdress Workshop.

Engaging in crafting activities is a form of self care that provides numerous therapeutic benefits.

And crafting with friends or family, while listening to music and sipping tea is self care on steroids.

So book your next birthday party, mom's night out or ladies night with us for a memorable 90 minute staycation. 


Everyone gets to select whatever style of headdress they want to make. So although it is a group activity, it is highly individualized.

Both the flamboyant friend and the modest friend will have their needs met.

No previous crafting experience is necessary. You can design something fabulous using only a glue gun.

Most of our students had never made headdress before and many didn't think they were crafty or creative. Yet they created amazing wearable art which you can see in our photo gallery.



 -you select the day/time.

 -you can personalize our venue with balloons, signage or flowers or other decorations.

 -access to our private kitchen so you can bring food, beverages and cocktails

 -4 hours (versus 2 hours in the venue) which incudes the class, photoshoot, time to socialize, eat and open presents and set up/clean up time.

$60 per adult + $110 venue fee.
Minimum of 6 people and maximum of 20.


Book a minimum of 6 seats in our regularly scheduled Sunday classes. $60 per adult

 You will have the class to yourself and we will do a group and individual photoshoot afterward.

You can bring wine to the class but there is no additional time after the class for eating, drinking or opening gifts.

 Minimum of 6 people maximum of 20.

if you have a minimum of 10 people we can bring a mobile version of our headdress class to your venue.

The venue must be an indoor public space such as a community center, church, or school.

Most private homes don't have the required electricity capacity for all the glue guns or space to spread out crafting materials.

Non-Profit Rate : $60 per person + 125 travel. fee

Corporate Rate: $70 per person + 125 travel fee


A headdress is a fashion accessory that looks good on all ages, body sizes and hair textures. So everyone in your group -no matter how diverse - will leave feeling validated.

There are many events in the Bay Area to
wear a custom headdress:

Burning Man

Outdoor Music Festivals

Renaissance Faire

Mermaid or Cosplay Event

Art Deco Party

Sorority Gathering

Wearable Art Party


Interested in Booking? 

Sharon Leckie

A friend got me a gift card for my birthday and suggested this experience.

 I was a little skeptical about the cost, mostly because my friend and I are both avid crafters and have a lot of supplies already.

But the breadth of materials available to use was impressive and the instructor Kyana was an absolute pro in helping us find direction for our headpieces and offering advice along the way.

She’s really attuned to finding just the right item or way to do something to match each person’s vision and personality.

It was a really wonderful and fun experience and I have something beautiful to wear to an upcoming event as well as a lot of inspiration for future crafting. Very high recommendation!"

Happy Clients of Ours