Mannequin “How To” Guides

Here are links to YouTube or digital tutorials which will answer the most common questions about mannequins. The first section are links for making repairs, the second section is for crafty projects with mannequins. 

How to Repair a Mannequin
How to repair a mannequin Part 1  How to spray paint a mannequin
How to repair a mannequin Part 2

How to repair a worn mannequin

How to Repair a Broken Mannequin: Epoxy or Car Body Filler? How To Repair a Mannequin with a Damaged Shoulder Fitting
           Crafty Projects with Mannequins
Dress Form Holiday Trees      Angels    Halloween Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Stands



    Mermaids     Mosaic Art
Paint Canvas Planters     Succelents     Tables    Woodubend
Instant Vintage Weddings




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