Corporate Events 

The headdress workshop is the ideal activity for corporate team building event or for a community engagement activity. 

Here is why: 
-making things by hand decreases stress and relieves anxiety

-it is non competitive and highly individualized  

-inclusive as a headdress looks good on all sizes, shapes, genders and hair textures (even bald)

-anyone over the age of 8 can participate 

-After the activity is over everyone leaves with wearable art that will remind them of this activity for years to come.

We were hired by Walmart for the 2020 Black Joy Parade, by Airbnb for a community event in BayView Hunters Point and The SF Exploratorium for the Art of Tinkering Exhibition. 

We can customize the materials to fit a variety of cultural and social themes. For example Day of the Day for Hispanic Heritage Month, Afrocentric for Black History Month. Or a holiday themed for Christmas. 

Perhaps you want to celebrate in the colors of a local sports teams. 

If you have a minimum of 50 people we can come to your venue. Email us for details on what is required for us to come to your venue. 

We can host up to 20 people at one time at our venue or more people if we stagger different class times throughout the day. 

We have the following amenities:
sound system 
tv monitor 
photo studio 
free street parking
private bathroom