Mannequin Hand: Male

Mannequin Hand: Male

$ 25.00

Item # 252111 

This price is for ONE hand. The photo is to indicate the different colors available. You can order a single hand, a pair of hands, or multiple hands. Just choose your color and whether you want a right or left hand or all the same. 


9" L (Measured from the back of hand, along the curve from fingertip to end of the wrist)

7” wrist circumference

2.5 x 2” wrist diameter (oval shape)

3.25” across the palm

If you need a mannequin hand for an art project or to display jewelry that is exactly what these hands are for. If you are looking for a mannequin hand to replace a broken or missing hand on your mannequin, please note the following information:

  • The attachment fittings for mannequin hands vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some fittings are square, some are round, some screw in, some (like these) have a little key hole and pin.
  • These hands will fit 80% of the imported mannequins on the market. But the way to get an exact fit is to go directly to the manufacturer of your mannequin.
  • What some people have done to make the hands work if the fitting don't match, is they whack off the fitting and permanently affix the hands to the arm with liquid nails or Bondo.

Shipping: $8.00