Female PLUS Size Full Body Sewing Dress Form: Size 20

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This female full body with hips dress form is perfect for sewing. It comes in a high quality linen with multi-layer padding underneath and features a collapsible shoulder, sides\ flange, up and down adjustability, hip shape, and a pin-nable surface.

The stand is adjustable ranging in height from 70"-80"

 Click here to download the Female Full Body Dress Form Measurement Chart.

These dress forms are ideal for those who want the look and features of a sewing dress form but will be using it for occasional (versus heavy) sewing projects or just for display purposes.

NOTE: To save paper, the dress forms do NOT have instructions included in the box. Instead, when you receive the form, please click on this youtube tutorial that explains how to assemble them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJlm_18KHF8


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