How to Make a Dress Form Christmas Tree

Want to know how to make a show stopping Dress Form Christmas tree? We got you!
Our design team has been making them for our retail clients since 2014.

On this page is all the resources you need - step by step tutorials, YouTube videos, design inspiration and links to products you will need to execute your design and discount coupon codes.

What is a Dress Form Christmas Tree?

A dress form Christmas tree (also called a Diva Tree) is a way to change a traditional Christmas tree into a fashionable Christmas decor.

The "skirt" of the dress form is made out of faux or fresh garland and decorated like a traditional tree.

The bodice of the dress form Christmas tree is where you get express your inner fashion designer.

And just like snowflakes, no two dress form Christmas trees are alike. They are each personal expression of a feminine aesthetic.

And a Dress Form Christmas tree is an eco-friendly way to decorate. After the holidays are over you can remove the decorations and use the dress form to display jewelry, clothing or accessories.

To inspire you, we have over 700 examples of Dress Form Christmas trees on this Pinterest board.

And we have a Facebook group so you can post what you have created and as our design team questions. .

Dress Form Christmas Tree Digital Tutorials

Below are digital tutorials with step by step instructions on the four most popular styles of Dress Form Christmas trees. The Grand Diva style is the one where the skirt is made out of chicken wire, the other three do not.

Each style can be customized in a variety of ways once you have built the basic structure. You can alter the fullness and length of the skirt on each one.

The tutorials are $1.99 each or FREE when you buy one of our new or used dress forms. Just put in the code TUTORIAL at checkout. 

Selecting the Right Dress Form

You can make a dress form Christmas tree on almost any style of dress form. It can be a wire form, a vintage form, a professional sewing form. The shape can be wasp waist or French form. It is just a matter of your personal preference.

The most important feature in selecting your dress form is the STAND. You want a strong sturdy stand that can support the weight of all the decorations. And you want a stand that is tall, yet adjustable in height.

Other things to consider is color. Most dress forms are black or cream colored. There are dress form covers you can buy that are available in various colors and patterns. If you buy a used dress form don't worry if it has some blemishes on it. Most likely that can be concealed with the decorations.

If you plan on removing the decoration after the holidays and using the dress form for another purpose after the holidays, buy a dress form that can withstand the wear and tear.

Decorations and Supplies for your Dress Form Tree

We have curated a list of products on Amazon store with the ancillary items you might need for decorating your tree.

It includes everything from garland, angel wings, deco mesh and crowns for the neck cap.

And if you are making the Grand Diva style dress form, it has the chicken wire, zip ties and gloves you will need.