How to Make a Dress Form Holiday Tree

Dress Form Christmas Trees are an eco-friendly and fashion forward alternative to a traditional Christmas tree. After Christmas is over you can remove the decorations and use the dress form to display jewelry, clothing or accessories. But more people are also repurposing them for other seasonal displays - Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Spring, Halloween etc. So that is why we now refer to them as Dress Form Holiday Trees.

Our design team has been making Dress Form Holiday Trees for our retail clients since 2014. On this page are our design resources, product recommendations and tutorials to help you design your own Dress Form Holiday Tree. 

Digital Tutorials for Making a Dress form Christmas tree

The step by step instructions on our digital tutorials make it easy for both the beginner and experienced crafter to design an exquisite tree.

The tutorials are $1.99 each or FREE when you buy one of our new or used dress forms. Just put in the code TUTORIAL at checkout. 

Which style of Dress Form Makes the Best Dress Form Holiday Tree?

You can make a dress form holiday tree an almost any style of dress form. The collection below has the most popular styles.

This blog post has four buying tips to help you decide which one is best for you.

Free “How To” Guides

Best Selling Dress Forms for making a Dress Form Christmas Treee

Decorations and Supplies for your Dress Form Tree

For decoration and embellishments for your dress form holiday tree we have to recommendations. The first is Papermart for their unique variety of unique deco mesh, ribbon, garland etc. They offer a 10% to our customers when you use the code MMDress10 at checkout.

We also have a list of products from vendors on our Amazon store. The products are divided into categories: garland, angel wings, feathers and crowns. As well as chicken wire, zip ties and gloves.

Dress Form Christmas Tree YouTube Tutorials