Dress Form Christmas Trees

Cover Photo:  MannequinMadness.com

Verbiage edits:

–Dress Form Christmas trees are a wonderful hybrid of tradition, personal style, and fashion. 

–With changes in the decorations, they can be displayed year round to your liking.

–A Dress Form Tree can be designed on a wire, on a cloth dress form, or on a full-sized mannequin.

Links: All are working

Row 1:

  1. Source: Tiffany Boone, 2022 Contest Entry
  2. Source: Creator Unknown found  Pinterest
  3. Source: A Mannequin Madness customer made this using our tutorial for a winter wedding.
  4. Source: Christmas Decoration at White House g 2014 

Row 2:

1.Source: seamsandscissors.com, Pinterest

  1. Source: MannequinMadness.com
  2. Source: @lovelybrown74, Pinterest
  3. Source: @viviareli, Pinterest

Row 3:

  1. Source: Unknown
  2. Source: MannequinMadness.com

3.Source: @ littlethings.com, Pinterest

  1. Source: @giantsfirstgirl, Pinterest 


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