How to Turn a Mannequin Head into a Vase for Foliage

A fiberglass mannequin torso or head is a whimsical canvas for hold (real or faux) foliage or succulents. Our tutorial here will show you how to create these three different looks. 


The second way is with real succulents



So whether you purchase the Mannequin Madness tutorial for $10 (which has three heads in one) or read the short (but free) tutorial from House of Lars, you can find the perfect  mannequin head for your project at Mannequin Madness.

And we have this board on Pinterest which has a range of DIY tutorials with mannequins including our popular dress form Christmas trees tutorials.

Happy Crafting!

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For those of you who prefer a video over a written digital tutorial, this one from YouTube does a good job of explaining the steps.