Male Ghost Mannequin: ULTRA Deluxe Version with Non-Rotating Base

Male Ghost Mannequin: ULTRA Deluxe Version with Non-Rotating Base

$ 879.00

Item # 32467948

How much do we love this mannequin? Let us count the ways!

This ULTRA deluxe version of our male ghost mannequins can be converted into at least 5 different full-body mannequins and 7 different upper/lower body torsos. Many of the parts detach (see photos) to give you great flexibility with your product images.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this product, please be aware that it is non-returnable. Here is why:  

Photographers have been notorious for using these ghost mannequins for photo shoots, e.g. taking pictures for fashion projects over several days. Then, after they complete their projects, they use some fraudulent reason for returning the mannequins. Essentially they want to just "rent" the ghost mannequin for their project and only pay for shipping costs.

This has caused our supplier to put a non-return policy on the "ghost" mannequins. Once you receive the item, please open it immediately because if there is any damage from the UPS/Fedex handling, it must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt of this package. 

Watch this video to see how a demo on how to use this mannequin (includes assembly instructions at the end).


HEIGHT: 69''
NECK: 16.5''
WAIST: 31''
HIP: 41''

Base size

Length: 15''

Width: 15''

Height: 2.5''

Shipping: $100.00