Female Wire Dress Form Mannequin #1: White

Female Wire Dress Form Mannequin #1: White

$ 100.00

Item # 34749798

This Female Wire Dress Form is made from wrought iron and has its own display shelf and antique style sturdy metal base.

This is the style form the many people use to decorate for seasonal floral displays. We have tutorials to show you how to create them here.

Or you can use this form to display scarves, purses and jewelry.

Some other vendors sell wire forms which are similar to this style but they are shorter, smaller in the waist and not as sturdy. You get what you pay for!


For more ideas on what you can do with wire dress forms, check out this board on Pinterest. 


Chest: 34"

Waist: 20"

Hip: 42"

Cross Shoulder: 15"

Height adjustable up to 5'4''

Shipping: $30.00