Adorn It Yourself Dress Form Christmas Tree: Pine Garland Attached

Adorn It Yourself Dress Form Christmas Tree: Pine Garland Attached

$ 200.00

Item # 71557030 

The perfect way to get a DIY look, WITHOUT all the hard work. We call this one the Adorn It Yourself Tree. 

We provide the wire dress form with the faux pine garland already attached on the skirt.  You customize it with ornaments, ribbon and decorations that you already own.  

This is a LIFE SIZE wire dress form approximately 5'4" when you raise it to the highest level. The wire is thick and the stand is sturdy. Some of the knock offs on the market are poorly made and are wobbly and unstable. 

The bodice can be used to hold ornaments or products you are selling. We created a cage inside the bodice using the pine garland so that it will keep whatever you put in the bodice from falling down inside the form.

The decorations and products in the photos below are NOT included. We just wanted to give you an idea of different ways you can decorate it. You can place fabric inside the bodice to hold products or fill the bodice with ornaments instead. 

After the holidays are over, you can use this for for other seasonal decor displays as in the photos. Just leave on the pine garland and add enough flowers for spring or leaves for fall to conceal the garland.

If you look at the photos of the form without the garland, you can see how much potential the form has for home decor, special events, and other uses. For ideas/inspiration on different ways a wire dress form can be decorated, see this Pinterest board

Shipping: $40.00