Our Venue

The Headdress Workshop is held in the showroom of Mannequin Madness located at 1031 Cotton St. Oakland, Ca 94606. There is plenty of free street parking and our building is wheelchair accessible.

The craft space space is in the front of the showroom and has tables where the height is adjustable. So you have the option of standing or sitting.

 Each workstation has a glue gun, scissors, wire clippers and of course a mannequin head! We give you a hand held shopping basket so you can gather your materials from our crafting supplies.

 There is a wide screen monitor in the craft space where we have rotating images of headdresses that people have made in the class.

But if you book a private group and want to watch a movie or special presentation we can display that on the monitor.

 In the back of the showroom we have a photo studio with great lighting. If you are okay with getting your photo taken we like to take group and individual photos of everyone’s completed headdress in the photo studio.

We also have a full kitchen on the premises so if you want to book a private party and you can prepare or warm up your own food in our kitchen.

 There are various styles of mannequins and dress forms throughout the warehouse so if you have automatonophobia ( the fear of human like figures) you might not feel comfortable here.

 We do some some mannequin heads for sale if you want to purchase one to display your headdress in your home.