Female French Dress Form with Shoulders: White Jersey on Black Wheeled Base

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French dress forms are one of the most popular style dress form because of their simplicity and versatility. The torso works for a variety of clothing styles. And you can use it in a variety of stores from a luxury boutique to a thrift store.

This stand is one of our most popular selling ones because of the wheels.

NOTE: The spring and foot pedal are decorative only; they are not functional. To adjust the height, you must use the bolts under the body form and on the bottom pole.

The pole consists of 2 poles, one shorter, one longer; insert the one with fastening screw into the base, and then insert the thinner pole. 

The torso can then be raised and lowered on the stand to a total height of 72.” This gives you flexibly to display everything from tops to evening gowns on it. 


Bust 34"

Waist 22.5"

Height 24"

CrossShoulder 17"

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