Male Wig: David
Male Wig: David
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Male Wig: David

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This is just one of a wide variety of synthetic hair wigs we have available at an economical price. We keep prices low but quality high so you can find the perfect wig for your mannequins. Get more value for your investment with this uni-sex wig which can be worn on make and female mannequins.

If you are using your mannequin in a retail store, we highly recommend that you buy multiple wigs. This is not because we want to sell you more products, but because we want YOU to sell more merchandise! A different wig creates a custom look and makes your displays more visual appealing. Here's why: 

The right hairstyle can help sell and outfit. For summer clothing you might want a long blonde wig, for fall clothing a red wig, for evening wear and more sophisticated or sleek wig. And if you are selling vintage inspired clothing then a retro looking wig. 

With a different wig, the appearance of a single mannequin can be altered dramatically. Your customers will think you have multiple mannequins when all you did was put on a different wig. 

And the good news with a mannequin wig, no one will every know that the "carpet doesn't match the drapes."

Shipping: $15.00                                                                                                        

NOTE: If you buy a wig and a mannequin, the shipping cost of the wig is free. However our shopping cart cannot calculate this, so we will refund the shipping fee for the wig back to your card.


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