Our Story - The Headdress Workshop

If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. 

But go to Oakland first to make a floral headdress at The Headdress Workshop)


I am Judi and the owner of The Headdress Workshop.

I started this business without any experience in the floral industry and zero crafting skills. Just goes to show that anything is possible.

The inspiration started when Rihanna and Beyoncé wore elaborate floral headdresses on the covers of the 2018 issues of the Vogue.

This created a lot of buzz about the symbolism, history and beauty of flower crowns headdresses.

And flower crowns became a trending fashion accessory. People were wearing them in more places than weddings, Renaissance fairs and Coachella.

At the time I was looking for ways to expand my  primary business, Mannequin Madness - where I sold new and used  mannequins and mannequin parts.


I had just received a large quantity of used mannequin heads to recycle from a cosmetology school.  

It dawned on me that mannequin heads were the perfect canvas for creating a headdress.



One of my staff members  was super crafty and I asked her to experiment making headdresses. I wanted them made out of synthetic flowers so they could be worn again and again.

When I wore them I felt fabulous and people always asked me where I bought it. 

The popularity of Paint and Sip parties inspired me to offer a similar concept in my mannequin warehouse, where people could make something creative in a group setting. And instead of having art on the wall, they would leave with wearable art. Regardless of age, height or weight, everyone looked good in a headdress.

I recruited local artists from various disciplines - jewelry designers, painters, crafters - to alternate teaching the weekly classes.  

In addition to offering the workshops on my website, I was accepted to offer it as a Airbnb Experience.