Mannequin Sale Item of the Month: Used Mannequin Legs

There is a new DIY trend where people repurpose mannequin legs and turn them into planters. They are putting them indoors like these created by MuckNBrass.   MuckN Brass is a company in the UK known for their “luxe- cycling” which is a style of up cycling  with quality and finishes worthy of a place in the best department store. While MuckNBrass is on the luxury end there are others who use mannequin legs in the garden for projects like this  Or this - At the moment we have a bumper crop of USED male and female mannequin legs so we are offering a special this month where they are 50% off.Shop for them here in under our Used Body Parts collection. Type in the code LegsForDays at checkout and the discount will be applied. Normal shipping rates apply.

If mannequin leg planters aren’t your thing, you can still use them for the traditional purpose of displaying mannequin pants, shorts or leggings.  Or use them to make a table.




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