We have free shipping on all of our used mannequins (except Rootstein brand) Here are a few of the creative and budget friendly ways people create Halloween Displays using mannequin parts. 

Female Mannequin legs for wicked witch displays.



 Used mannequin heads for ghoulish displays like this 


 Children’s body parts are especially creepy.


FYI we sell the clear torso too, but it is a brand new item and not eligible for free shipping.

Here is another way to use children’s body parts  without the clear torso 


5 There are a lot of things you can do with mannequin hands- especially since they can be placed outside as well as inside.


Mannequin arms are our most popular seller for Halloween DIY projects. 


For more ideas using mannequin parts visit our Halloween board on Pinterest. Remember we have FREE Shipping on our Used Mannequins (except for Rootstein mannequins)