Welcome to the World of Mannequin Madness

Nice to meet you! I’m Judi Henderson, the owner of Mannequin Madness. My nickname is "the mannequin queen" because -

1. Since 2001 I have been one of the country's leading advocate for retailers to recycle versus toss their unwanted mannequin in the trash. (The Environmental Protection Agency gave me a special achievement award for my mannequin recycling inititaives.)

2. I am a big promoter of upcycilng mannequins into various DIY projects which you can see on our Pinterest board with over 54K followers.

3. I write a blog about mannequin trends, mannequins in pop culture and mannequin history. 

4. I offer a wide range of new and used mannequins from various manufacturers. My customers aren't just retailers but museums trade-show vendors, artists, Etsy sellers, Shibari practitioners and private individuals.

Contrary to the saying "Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown" I love being the "Queen of Mannequins."You can see the joy I have about mannequins from this video below created by Bloomberg Quicktakes.

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