Welcome to the World of Mannequin Madness

What makes us different from other mannequin companies?

The owner, Judi Henderson has been a tireless advocate for retailers to recycle instead of toss their unwanted mannequins. She has the nickname the "queen of mannequins.

This is why we have an ever changing inventory of second hand mannequins in addition to brand new mannequins from multiple suppliers.

While most of our customers are buying a mannequin for a business need, we are supportive of people who want a mannequin for a decorative or functional art. Over 56K people follow our Pinterest board for inspiration.

The dress form Christmas tree trend is one of our passion products and we started a FB group to showcase examples of them and other dress form holiday trees.

Lastly, we don't just sell mannequins but we provide education about manenquin trends, mannequin history and mannequins in pop culture which you can read about on our blog.

Contrary to the saying "Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown" I love being the "Queen of Mannequins."You can see the joy I have about mannequins from this video below created by Bloomberg Quicktakes.

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