Community Engagement Events

We have held headdress making classes at The Exploratorium, libraries in San Mateo County Library system, a street fair for Airbnb, an activation for REI and Walmart sponsored our booth at the Black Joy Parade. 

Here are some of the reasons why our activity is perfect for a community engagement activity: 
- Participants leave with a tangible product they made themselves, so they will have something to remind them of this activity long after it is over.

-The headdress are made using sustainable materials.

-This is a group activity, yet highly individualized 

-A headdress is fashion accessory that all ages, genders, body sizes and hairstyles can wear.  

-Making something by hand is therapeutic

-The only skill needed is the ability to use a glue gun so differently abled people can participate  

-We are the only company providing this experience in Northern California.


The venue needs to be large enough to accommodate multiple 6 feet long tables. 

We need a space to display the crafting materials as well as space for participants to craft. 

Access to electricity will be needed at the workstation so that each person can power their glue gun

We have a 3 hour minimum 

Price depends on the location, number of people and whether the activity is indoor or outdoors. Email us with your


We can customize the choices of crafting materials to appeal to a specific demographic or cultural activity/holiday for example: 
-Dia de Los Muertos
-Black History Month
-Gay Pride
-Lunar New Year
 Earth Day
-Halloween, Christmas
-Breast Cancer Awareness

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