Mannequins & Sustainable Retailing

Mannequins are Pretty, but Environmentally Toxic

Mannequins are made out of materials such as metal, plastic, fiberglass, and styrofoam. Since these materials do not biodegrade, they should not be in landfills.

This is why I became such an advocate for the recycling/repurposing of mannequins. Mannequin Madness keeps over 1 million pounds of mannequins out of landfills every year!

In 2003 we received a special achievement award from the Environmental  Protection Agency for our mannequin recycling initiatives.

At that time we only recycling on a regional level. So our impact has expanded now that we recycle on a national level.

“The apparel industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry,” high-end retailer Eileen Fisher has famously said (and repeated, and written, and tweeted). 

While most of the pollution is generated in the pre-production stage of manufacturing clothing, there is a significant amount of retail waste generated at the store level.

The average lifespan of a mannequin at a retail store is 7 years, because mannequin styles change just like clothing styles change.

Even if the mannequin is in good condition, it can end up in the dumpster because that style of mannequin is no longer fashionable. 

The lifespan of a mannequin can be even shorter if a retailer goes out of business or the mannequin gets damaged in the store.

Or sometimes a new management team comes in and wants to change the visual displays that the previous team installed. 

That is where Mannequin Madness plays a role in sustainable retailing. We offer retailers an eco-friendly alternative to discarding their unwanted mannequins.

Circular Economy

The circular economy means the process of turning waste into a resource by reusing and recycling products at the end of their useful life.

Mannequin Madness extends the life cycle mannequin by offering free recycling services to retailers to keep them from throwing the mannequins in the trash.

Then we resell these manequins and they find a new purpose with a new owner.

Sometimes the new owner is not even in the apparel industry but is someone who wants a mannequin to display their favorite costume or place in their garden.

Broken mannequins and mannequins with missing parts are purchased for Halloween displays or art projects.

Green is the New Black

Recycling/repurposing mannequins is good for the planet, good for the pocketbook and provides a canvas for unlimited creativity.

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