Used Mannequin Arms with Missing Hands: Set of 4

Used Mannequin Arms with Missing Hands: Set of 4

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We have a big pile of mannequin arms (mostly female) but unfortunately they are all MISSING HANDS. Still useful for art projects and Halloween. 
We are selling them in lots of 4 arms at a time.
While we will try to select two pairs of arms (2 right arms, 2 left arms), we can't promise. It just depends upon what we have available. 
So once again: you are getting a total of 4 arms for $25.00

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The customer service was wonderful, the mannequin is beautiful and was perfectly packed to ship across the country. I'd buy from Mannequin Madness again.

Bhupal M

Terrific selection and fast delivery. I was very pleased and will be sure to order all my mannequins from Mannequin Madness in the future!

Chloe G

Very friendly, helpful, a lot to chose from and the best prices.

Danny L

Great website, customer service and fast shipping.

Geoff S

Great company! The Owner was extremely helpful, and went above & beyond to get me the perfect products for my project. Highly recommend.

Ben H

Absolutely amazing product and super fast shipping….A+

Kate M