Used Female Leg Form: Natural Texture
Used Female Leg Form: Natural Texture
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Used Female Leg Form: Natural Texture

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These legs look practically brand new. 
A retail chain that is known for producing "machine-washable technical cashmere clothing and accessories” asked us to recycle their mannequins when they remodeled. These leg forms are from that store and the mannequins reflect the company’s brand. They are a unique combination of materials. 
We believe it is a fiberglass form but the finish has a texture that feels like paper mache. It gives the mannequin a natural and organic look and it almost resembles wood.  A very interesting combination. If you want an eco-friendly look, this is the form for you. 
There is a hole on the waist. Apparently there was supposed to be a cord attached so you can have the option of suspending it instead of standing it on the floor.  We don’t have the cords, we just have the metal stand that goes in the foot. 
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