Lyfe: Sexy Pregnant Mannequin

Lyfe: Sexy Pregnant Mannequin

$ 225.00
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Ever since Demi Moore posed on in the nude on cover of Vanity Fair when she was 6 months pregnant, women began believe that you can be sexy and pregnant.Seems like it is a right of passage now for a pregnant celebrity to pose nude for a magazine. 

Lyfe is the first maternity style mannequin mannequin that we have seen that captures the same mood that Demi exhibited. She has full make-up and lashes and is in a great pose to showcase all kinds of maternity wear. 

She comes with a glass base and both a heel and calf rod. The wigs and clothing are not included.


Height: 5'9"
Width: 16.1" from shoulder to shoulder.
Bust: 36.2"
Waist: 33.9"
Hips: 37"

Shipping: $60.00