Woman's Plus Size Sewing Form with Hip by PGM -- Size 26L

Woman's Plus Size Sewing Form with Hip by PGM -- Size 26L

$ 648.00

This is a pin-nable professional style plus size dress form, covered in cream white linen, with a natural body shape, a real looking buttock, and collapsible shoulders. It comes with a black heavy-duty traditional cast iron base with 4 wheels. (The Spring & Topper are raw steel color. If you need them in black, please contact us.)

It also features bump-out side seams to enable you feel them when draping with fabric.  You can easily adjust the height by stepping on a foot pedal. 

The stand for this form is 13" x 13." See the last photo for the stand footprint.

Some customers ask: What is the difference is between PGM Industry Grade dress form and the other current Professional dress form in the market? Here's PGM's explanation:

1)       Industry Grade Dress Form - the hip measurement must be at least 1.5'' larger than bust, this is to meet the American fashion industry standard.Most Professional Dress Forms in the market have the hip measurement and bust at only 1'' difference.  The professional dress form's hip measurement is too small,  this doesn't meet American industry standard.

 2)       PGM uses high density felt for Industry Grade dress form to strongly hold pins steadily when draping and designing; while most professional dress form use sponge or foam, and such material are easily torn during draping and are unable to hold pins well.

 3)       PGM use 100% pure linen for industry grade dress forms; most professional dress forms use a mixture of cotton or other fabrics.

Measurements: See Sizing Table below. 

NOTE: Orders for 16L, 26L, 28L, and 30L require a lead time of 60 days.

Shipping: $110.00