Organic Eco-Friendly Ring Holders: Medium, Set of 6

Organic Eco-Friendly Ring Holders: Medium, Set of 6

$ 28.00

Item # 385199

You can display one or multiple rings at a time on these pyramid shaped ring holders. These are sold as a set of six - all in the same color/texture that you choose. 

The natural fiber holders use recycled newsprint and cardboard as structures and are covered with various natural finishes e.g. paper kraft thread and abaca fibers.


1.25" Depth

6.5" Height

Shipping: $12.00

More about the Materials: 

These products are made from recycled paper, glued with rice paste and corded with materials such as paper twine, fibers and fine ropes. The fibers come from the Abaca tree trunk. 

The natural fibers use no dyes; however dyes are added to the finishes of color.

Abaca is a type of plantain tree that grows in the Philippines and Ecuador.  There are no pesticides added to the growth of the tree and it takes 4 months for the tree to reach is tallest height.

These photos show the abaca tree and the fibers being extracted and processed.