27" Female Table Top Body Form: Eco-Friendly Textures

27" Female Table Top Body Form: Eco-Friendly Textures

$ 105.00

 Item # 35309414

This Half Table Top Form in Paper Twine is a striking dress form to be used as a table/counter display.  Use it to display dresses, coats, belts, layers of necklaces, etc.  Or to have on a display as a sculptural element. The forms come in a variety of textures/colors. 

The form uses recycled newsprint and cardboard as its structure and is covered with various natural finishes e.g. paper kraft thread and abaca fibers. The natural fibers use no dyes; however dyes are added to the finishes of color. 


Chest: 32"

Waist: 24.5"

Hips: 33"

Height of Torso: 26"

Neck: measurement around the neck: 12"

Neck: Height of the neck: 3.5"

Shoulder: measurement from shoulder to shoulder: 14"

Chest: measurement around the chest: 34"

Waist: measurement around the waist: 24.5"

Hip: measurement around the hip: 32.5"

Shipping: $20.00