Organic Eco-Friendly Bust Form 10"

Organic Eco-Friendly Bust Form 10"

$ 39.00

This is a simple and elegant bust form for jewelry display.

It is very popular with museum stores because of the strong design aesthetic that enhances, but not overwhelms, the jewelry. Or, it can make your own jewelry look like a work of art. Place layers of necklaces that get noticed by your customers. 

The form uses recycled newsprint and cardboard as its structure and is covered with various natural finishes e.g. paper kraft thread and abaca fibers. The natural fibers use no dyes; however dyes are added to the finishes of color. It comes in a variety of colors and textures; prices vary with size. Please specifiy choice when ordering.


10" Width
3" Depth
10" Height

Shipping: $20.00