Leather Male Dress Form: Brown Checkered Pattern

Leather Male Dress Form: Brown Checkered Pattern

$ 130.00

Item # 459031

This male shirt form in a two-toned brown checkered PLU cover is attractive and reminds us of a famous upscale designer. The form comes with a choice of 3 bases. Please specify your base choice when ordering.


Chest 40"

Waist 35.5"

Cross shoulder 19"

Height 29"

Shipping: $40.00

Note: There is a huge difference between LEATHER and PU LEATHER.  Here is a brief explanation. 

Genuine Leather is very durable, will last a lifetime and cost far more than Synthetic Leather. Genuine Leather will have very expressed grooves kind of like your fingerprints, and will have a rich leathery scent even when dyed.

Genuine leather isn't very pliable and can withstand constant torture and punishment. It'll hold up to yanking, stretching, bending, squashing etc.

PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather is a man-made material that will represent the look and feel of Genuine Leather but in fact is NOT. This PU material is far less durable, considerably cheaper in cost, and may not last long if used often.

PU material is extremely pliable and will stretch kind of like a spandex material. It has a more shiny appearance and generally is far less thick than real leather.

Grooves similar to your fingerprints are mechanically pressed into the material to give it that REAL look. These grooves are far less defined and are hairlike impressions. This material for the most part is waterproof and easily cleaned or maintained.

For persons on a tight budget this material is the way to go. It's about half the cost of real leather products and will still look awesome in your collection.

No matter which kind of material you decide to buy you most likely will get an awesome product.This was written to help educate you on the difference in material and what price you should expect to pay. Source: eBay