Used Female Mannequin in Flying/Diving Pose

Used Female Mannequin in Flying/Diving Pose

$ 200.00

  • Talk about drama! This glossy white female is designed to be suspended in air. She can be a diver, swimmer or acrobatic aerialist.   She is 8 feet long from the tip of her hands to her feet.

The Acme Hotel in Chicago painted them in different patterns and has them on display which you can see here.

The cables for hanging her are included. This mannequin is used, but is in excellent condition.

The shipping of this one is expensive because she is one solid piece (only her arms detach) so she requires a large box for shipping.

Shipping $100

Here are the measurements in case  you think you can get a cheaper rate on your own. And if you are buying 3 or more we can use a trucking service which will be cheaper than UPS/Fedex.

76.3" x13.3"  x15.7" weight 27.5 pounds



1215 AAP FD04