Female Wire Dress Form Mannequin #2 -- Copper

Female Wire Dress Form Mannequin #2 -- Copper

$ 100.00

This Female Wire Dress Form is made from wrought iron and has its own display shelf and antique metal base. The form offers a versatile canvas to create decorative floral sculptures or on which to hang scarves, purses and jewelry.

The open space/shelf in the form can be used to display jewelry, glasses and other accessories that compliment nearby outfits. You can even place a hat on the decorative neck cap or clip brooches or earrings onto the metal body. 

For creative ways to use wire dress forms, check out this board on Pinterest. 


Chest: 34"
Waist: 20"
Hip: 43.5"
Cross Shoulder: 15"
Height adjustable up to 5'4''

Shipping: $30.00