Size 6: Hanging 3/4 Female Cloth Torso

Size 6: Hanging 3/4 Female Cloth Torso

$ 118.00

Item # 67692844

This torso form is very popular because it's the style seen at stores like Anthropologie and J. Crew. 

She is a Size 6, 3/4 Female Torso Form who is ready to hang on a stand from the loop. The forms are easy to dress with pants using the hanging loop.

You have the option of ordering the torso with or without a stand (see photos).  The 14"x14" brushed metal stand adjusts 43”- 74.”  Please indicate your choice when ordering. 

This product is made in the USA. 


33" Bust

23.5" Waist

35" Hip

30" Height

Shipping: $60.00



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