Headless Female 3/4 Torso For "Ghost" Effect

Headless Female 3/4 Torso For "Ghost" Effect

$ 190.00

This headless female torso come with a removable neck piece which is helpful in achieving the "ghost" effect in photographing apparel for online. The arms are detachable as well. 

The steel base is included. 

PLEASE NOTE : Our supplier will no longer allow returns on this product, because some customers have been abusing the return policy and causing the supplier to suffer serious business losses. Some customers are using these ghost mannequins for a trade show or for photo shoots, e.g. taking pictures for fashion projects over several days.

Then, after they complete their projects, they use some fraudulent excuse for returning the mannequins. Unfortunately, this bad behavior by a few customers has caused the supplier to issue a no-return policy re "ghost" mannequins for all customers.

If you purchase this product, please be aware that it is non-returnable. 



Bust: 35"

Waist: 26"

Hip: 35.5"

Body height: 35.5"

Total height: up to 5' 10"

Shipping: $50.00


This youtube video offers lighting tips in the photostudio to achieve the ghost effect