Rental Female "Ghost" Mannequin with V-Neck

Rental Female "Ghost" Mannequin with V-Neck

$ 120.00

This female mannequin with a V-neck is designed to have a "ghost" effect when clothes are displayed on it. Made of fiberglass in a matte white, it has a nice figure and arms, with modifiable round-neck and arms and removable arms and legs. It has a wheelbase with break included. Watch the video below to get the best effects.


NECK: 13''

SHOULDER: 15.4''

BST: 32.9''

WAIST: 26''

HIP: 36.2''

HEIGHT: 64''


Length: 15''

Width: 15''

Height: 2.5''

Shipping: $70.00

This YouTube video shows lighting tips in the Photo studio to achieve the ghost effect: