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Dress Form Fitting Pads
Dress Form Fitting Pads
Dress Form Fitting Pads
Dress Form Fitting Pads
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Fitting Pads for Sewing Dress Forms #2

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This product will enable you to customize any dress form to get the exact measurements you need to fit your body shape. We are a distributor for the patented Fabulous Fit® Fitting System. Finally our customers can buy one of our new or used dress form and customize it to fit their exact measurements.

 The Fabulous Fit Fitting System includes interchangeable life-like contoured pads and a cover (with industry grain lines) so you can customize the size on the bosom, waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs on the dress form. 

It includes thirteen contoured pads which adhere to the form under the stretch cover. Your form will have a life-like touch to work with and pin into. 

The Fabulous Fit Fitting System is available in 4 sizes - from small to extra large. Each size category will allow you to increase your form up to 2 sizes larger. For example, if you buy the size small, you can increase the bust from a size 30 to a size 34! Here are the size options. 

Bust 30 to 34 
Waist 22 to 25 
Hips 32 to 34
Bust 35 to 37 
Waist 26 to 32 
Hips 35 to 39
Bust 38 to 43 
Waist 33 to 39 
Hips 40 to 43



Bust 44 to 55 
Waist 40 to 48 
Hips 44 to 56


PLEASE NOTE: Please allow 7 business days for this item process before it ships. Sorry but we do NOT ship this product outside of the US

The company sent us a free sample which we have used as a demo in our warehouse - and WE.LOVE.IT.   There are lots of videos on YOUTUBE that demo how these work, here is one our favorites.