Dress Form Christmas Tree: Deco Mesh & Burlap with Cedar Branches

$ 400.00

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This hand made Dress Form Christmas tree features a gold deco mesh bodice, burlap belt and red ribbon. 

The dress form you receive will have a different type of stand. The necklace is NOT included instead you get to put your own personal stamp on it by displaying your favorite necklace

The image in the photograph is for FRESH cedar leaves. That option is available if you are in the SF Bay area and can come to our warehouse to pick this up. Otherwise we will make this with artificial cedar leaves, which look similar. 

The skirt is easily detachable so that you can remove it after the holidays are over and re-attach it next year. Then you can use the dress form the rest of the year for other fun and functional ways as seen on this Pinterest board. 

NOTE: This item is for local customers only. Please call if you want to purchase.  If you are out of the area we recommend you purchase this tutorial  to make it here.

Shipping: $40.00

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