Fall (Faux) Foliage Dress Form Display - DIY Tutorial

Fall (Faux) Foliage Dress Form Display - DIY Tutorial

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Note: This is a DIGITAL product with a tutorial to show you how to DIY this style of dress form Christmas tree. The dress form and materials are NOT included.

If you love decorating your home or retail space with seasonal decor this tutorial will show you how to create this gorgeous faux foliage display - so you can enjoy it for years to come! 

The materials cost around  $100 (excluding the dress form) and can be assembled in about 60 minutes. The materials can easily be sourced at a craft store and you can purchase a wire dress form here.

This tutorial was created by 4 Seasons Painting and Landscaping in Chicago. They are the experts in using real and faux foliage in wire dress form and landscaping.