Dash: Used Male Mannequin
Dash: Used Male Mannequin
Dash: Used Male Mannequin
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Dash: Used Athletic Male Running Mannequin

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Dash is a used male mannequin on a sturdy stand. Mondo Mannequins, the company that made him, has this name on a label on his appendages. And, he probably lives up to his name as he looks like he is dashing off to get something. 

Dash has a unique grey matte color, designed to resemble a concrete finish. The lines you see in the finish are not imperfections but part of the design.

He comes on a sturdy stand that goes in his calf so you can put shoes on him. His feet have split toe so than he can also wear sandals or flip flops. But doubt any “person” would be running in those type of shoes. 

Chest: 39"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 39"

Due to the weight of the stand, shipping is a little more expensive than normal.   

Shipping: $80