Gently Used Wolf Dress Form -- Men's Size 40

$ 350.00  $ 875.00

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Wolf Dress forms are THE industry standard when it comes to professional sewing dress forms. They are the best on the market - and the most expensive. They rarely come up on the used market  - cause people hold onto to these as collectors items.

According to the Wolf website, this item would normally be $925 brand new.

The luxury retail store we retrieved them from did NOT have this in the tailoring department, but on the floor for display purposes. So it is in pristine condition EXCEPT it is missing the finial on top.

The missing finial is decorative and does not impact the functionality of the raising and lowering of the stand on the form. That is controlled by the pedal, which works.  



42" chest

36" waist

43 " Hip 

See the WOLF sizing chart in one of the photos for more detailed measurements.


Shipping: $70 


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