Pre-Owned 3/4 Female Torso Mannequin

$ 40.00

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We have an assortment of three different styles of 3/4 torsos, all of them are in excellent condition.
- white with nipples (fiberglass) 
- white without nipples (fiberglass)
-tan with nipples  This one also has tiny holes in the arms (see photo) so you can insert a cable an suspend her. The cables are not included. This one is made out of plastic. 
Most of the white torso's have a hole in one thigh so you can insert a stand if you want. The tan does NOT have a hole.
You are getting ONE for this price, not all the ones in the photo. 
Although these are cheaper than the new ones we sell they still require a big box to ship so that is why the shipping is almost as much as the purchase price. If you can come to our warehouse in Oakland to pick it up, that is the best deal. 
Shipping: $30

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