Size 10/11 Flexible Child Mannequin

Size 10/11 Flexible Child Mannequin

$ 165.00

Item # 381255

This child mannequin is made of made of pin-able foam rubber so its bendable arms can be adjusted to any flex position.

The 4'10" head is detachable and can turn 360 degrees and the arms are detachable and rotatable on shoulder joints. 

Clothing size is approximate. Sizes are based on the height as each garment manufacturer has its own measurement size chart. These forms run slim.

Comes with a metal base that goes in the foot.


4' 10" Tall

24.25" Chest

21.5" Waist

26.75" Hip

9" Shoulder

6.5" Feet

26" Inseam

Shipping: $35.00