Plastic Hanging Female 3/4 Torso (6 pack): Hollow Back

Plastic Hanging Female 3/4 Torso (6 pack): Hollow Back

$ 50.00
Item # 11668751 (Black)
Item # 11668752 (Grey)
Item # 85310124 (White)
These hanging 3/4 torso mannequins are hollow with a flat back so it can lie flat against a wall so they can be used as a hanging visual aid on the back of dressing room doors, on grid walls, and on clothing racks. Great for trade-shows and flea markets. 
They come in white heavy duty plastic and have a chrome hook which is tough enough to withstand constant use. 
These 3/4 Female Hanging Mannequin Forms are sold in packs of 3 and 6. We do not sell them individually as the greater value -- due to shipping charges for something which is lightweight yet oversized -- is to sell in small quantities.


Bust: 18.5"

Waist: 12.5"

Height: 23"

6" deep

1/8" thick

Note: Because there are no back sides to the forms, the chest, waist, hip and clothing sizes provided are approximate measurements.  The females generally fit a size 4/6.

Shipping: $15.00